Free laundry soap sample included with your order!

The proper care of your Pâmoison textile is of the utmost importance to ensure its longevity. Therefore, we are including a free sample of laundry soap from a curated collection, for your convenience.

Please indicate which laundry soap you would like to receive, and we will include it, lovingly packaged with your textile, free of charge.

We have suggested pairings of soap and textile to facilitate your choice. Of course, you are free to deviate from this pairing if you so wish!

Kitchen Towels and Reversible Cross-back Aprons:

Made of 100% linen, these items may be washed with a regular mild laundry detergent (preferably a non-phosphate brand, and absolutely no bleach). Therefore, we are offering a bar of Castille soap from Savon des Cantons in Magog (Québec), to aid in the removal of stains that may appear on these textiles with regular use. This laundry soap bar is not intended for human hygiene, as it will irritate the skin. Please see the Care Instructions Section and for details. Ingredient list may also be found on their website.

Alpaca Throws and Alpaca Circular Scarves:

These items must to be washed by hand in order to prevent felting and distortion. Pâmoison offers the following selection of products:

  1. Eucalan Wash is a no-rinse soap for woollens, made in Paris, (Ontario). It is widely used and dependable for delicate items. Details are in the Care Instructions Section, and at Please visit the Eucalan website for the ingredient list. Note: Since the lack of lanolin in Alpaca fibre is what makes it hypoallergenic, and Eucalan is a lanolin-based soap, only choose Eucalan if you don’t mind the slight lanolin residue that could stay on the fibres of your textile after washing.
  2. For those wishing to avoid a lanolin-based soap, we are offering very mild hair shampoos (yes, shampoos!) made by eco-conscious Canadian companies. These natural products will need to be rinsed, however, and so require an extra step in the hand washing process. Please visit corresponding websites for ingredient list.   - Unscented Baby Wash by The Green Beaver Company of Ontario.   - BioLove 2in1 Cleansing Gel by Druide, a Québec company,


Care Instructions for your Pâmoison textiles can be found içi