Alpagas Sutton at Pâmoison

Canadian Alpaca/Merino Fibre Dryer Balls

Geneviève and Francine from Alpagas Sutton in the Eastern Townships of Québec team up with their mill in New Brunswick to make these soft dryer balls, an eco-friendly alternative to laundry dryer sheets. 

At the mill, after felt insoles are cut out of a sheet of mixed Canadian Merino wool and Alpaca fibres, the remaining felt is formed into balls; no waste! The Sutton Alpaca/Merino yarn is then wrapped around this core and it is felted so all the fibres meld together.

When grouped in threes, these dryer balls reduce static during your laundry machine drying cycle. They can be used over and over again, usually lasting for years! 

Diameter: Approximately 3”

Sold in sets of 3 Dryer Balls, various natural colours 

Alpaca and Merino are natural fibres, so colours may differ from photos. Discount codes do not apply on these items, but Gift Cards are accepted.

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