About Handwovens

Here at Pâmoison, we take traditional handweaving, and kick it up a notch!

We take inspiration from our Canadian nature and heritage, and weave it into luxurious and unique textiles for you. Each piece is painstakingly woven by hand on a traditional weaving loom, using earth-friendly, renewable and sustainable materials such as linen and alpaca fibres.

The creation process

First, inspiration strikes, and a pattern reflecting a piece of Canadiana is drawn up. Colours are then selected for a contemporary take on this chosen inspiration. The artisan then winds the fibre needed, and patiently threads the loom. For example, a kitchen towel requires the threading by hand of 552 separate linen fibres! Once the loom is ready, the weaver navigates the pattern changing colours as needed, making each and every row as consistent as possible, checking and rechecking the work. All of our pieces are finished with durable hems, and washed and ironed and re-inspected before being made ready for shipping.

We only produce a small amount of each pattern, as the weaving process is a very long and intensive one (weeks or months). Each textile is a unique work of art and a labour of love, celebrating an age-old technique, handed down through generations.

If you desire a specific model that is sold out, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to include it in upcoming runs.