Summer at home; making memories

Summer at home; making memories

Jun 3, '20



 As the days get warmer and grow longer, we instinctively feel a renewed energy to socialize, entertain and exercise. We will once again be able to receive our extended families, neighbours and friends in our homes very soon.  And what better way to renew and reconnect with loved-ones than by sharing a meal, or enjoying an evening of conversation?  

 The heart of the home for most people is the kitchen and in summer this heart beats loudest and strongest!  Heavenly smells of fresh fruit, picked herbs, and baked desserts waft out of the open window, while the smells of freshly cut grass and barbecue waft in.  Cold drinks and trays of snacks are taken outside, through the forever-clacking screen door, to eager family and friends partaking in summer’s various activities. Then, as the day wanes, and the stars come out, the conversation continues under fairy lights or by a bonfire. 

 These images are timeless, and synonymous with the summer season.  

 There was a time when household textiles, such as table linens, aprons and kitchen towels, were used and appreciated for many summers. They were well-made, often by hand, and with good quality materials. At Pâmoison, it is our privilege to create timeless designs using the finest materials in our handmade textiles, so that you may enjoy them in your home today.  Our comfortable linen Reversible Cross-back Aprons and colourful linen Kitchen Towels will serve you well on summer days in the kitchen.  And as the evening cools down, a soft, warm, and light Throw will be most appreciated by you and your guests out on the patio.  

 Better and brighter days are coming, and we will continue to work together to fill those summer days with many memorable moments.   

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