Natural Materials; Always a Perfect Fit

Natural Materials; Always a Perfect Fit

Oct 5, '21

Who could blame us? After the chaotic global event that was/is the pandemic, we are looking for stability and normalcy. Our homes have become our refuge; a place where we can decompress and recharge. Never before has there been such a need to surround ourselves with the calming elements of Nature. 

By incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, glass, ceramics and textiles, we can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in which to restore our sense of self. The beauty of natural materials is that they suit any and all types of decor. Name any design or decor stye and you can easily find ways to introduce natural elements.

For example, modern, contemporary or retro decor can include clean lines and a bright aesthetic. Imagine marble accents and concrete floors, linen bedding, minimalistic wooden furniture, oversize ceramics and mid-century glass lighting. Gorgeous, right? Now imagine a more traditional or country decor, where the floors are tile or hardwood, furniture is in textured fabric, and there are ceramics and metal accents throughout. Also gorgeous! By their very essence, natural materials will always look great and feel amazing in our homes. The texture is such that we want to reach out and touch these materials; some say we even connect with nature through them!

At Pâmoison, we use natural materials for exactly these reasons. Our textiles are in luxurious Canadian alpaca fibre, lustrous French linen and linen fibre. We partner with artists who produce items in ceramic and wood, as well as artisans who create products using all-natural ingredients like beeswax and castille soap. We use only the finest quality materials and we are proud that this quality is a priority with our clients. We only create items that we love! 

All of these natural materials can bend to the design wishes of the homeowner; it’s just a matter of creating a space that reflects your sense of self and lets you be you. When it comes to decor, choose what you love and it will always be a perfect fit in your home. 

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