Focusing on simple happiness in 2021

Focusing on simple happiness in 2021

Jan 1, '21


OK, we won’t dwell on what a challenging year 2020 was, it’s been stated countless times. 


Let’s move on, this is 2021!


Usually, each new year brings on a push by the media, either social or traditional, asking that we transform ourselves by making countless resolutions. We are tired of these unrealistic expectations and of the bar that is set too high. Instead, can’t we just perform small concrete gestures that will improve our well-being as well as that of those around us? This past year has forced us to consider what is really meaningful in our lives; the essential values that enrich each person’s life have been made a little clearer. It’s time to focus on simple happiness!


A little list of things to consider…


  1. Recognize the generosity of others with a sincere Thank You. So simple, yet so important.
  2. Notice the small details of daily life that make our day more pleasant and share these observations with family and friends.
  3. If a situation cannot be improved, avoid negative comments. If a situation can be improved, help bring the positive change about.
  4. Compliment others on work well done. 
  5. Volunteer in any way you can: time, money, thoughts, or other.
  6. Consider the immediate area around your home, a park for example, and see if there are small ways to improve it. This is a great way to get outside and be active as well!
  7. Appreciate nature every day. No matter where you are on this planet Earth, there is a form of nature nearby. Our lives depend on its fragility and strength.
  8. Take the time to rest your body. Sleep is essential for the body’s well being and repair. Even a few minutes of quiet time can leave you feeling more refreshed.
  9. Smile at others; and ‘smile with your eyes’ when wearing a mask! 
  10. Help curb the vicious cycle of hate, frustration and negativity that so quickly fuels today’s society. Spread positivity, and little by little the atmosphere can become less aggressive. 


This year’s personal and family goals should be attainable and beneficial. No big fanfare, let’s just quietly go about making our lives and our environment better. With the tiniest gestures, we can reap the biggest rewards. 


The Pâmoison team wishes you all a healthy and Happy New Year!

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