Alpaca Fibre: luxurious, naturally

Alpaca Fibre: luxurious, naturally

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A natural fibre that is extremely soft yet highly durable? Check!

A natural fibre that is lightweight yet warm and cozy? Check! 

A natural fibre that is ecological and renewable yet unique and unusual? Check!

A natural fibre that has been used in weaving for centuries yet remains fresh and current? Check!

What a marvellous fibre is this Alpaca fibre! It comes from the shearing of these noble, peaceful and lovable animals.

Breeders in and around Peru have been raising Alpacas for their fibre for ages, but we are only now seeing an increase in Alpaca farming here in Canada. Wide open spaces and an ideal climate make for an excellent environnement to breed Alpacas, especially in the West.

At Pâmoison, we make a conscious effort to choose only the very best Canadian Alpaca fibre, thus ensuring its quality and origin, which is not always possible with fibre imported from elsewhere.
We seek out Canadian farms where healthy ecological practices prevail, combined with love for the animals themselves. We are grateful to the animals for sharing their fleece with us.

This fibre is eventually spun into a clean, soft and supple Alpaca yarn, and then knit or woven by hand to make luxurious and unique textiles. The colours are the actual natural shades of the animals themselves (unless indicated “vegetable-dyed”). Because we are dealing with a natural fibre, any slight variations in shade are normal, and found in the alpacas’ coats themselves. The end result: a warm palette of earth tones that coordinate with everything!

The Qualities of Alpaca Fibre

Of the many qualities that Alpaca fibre possesses, the most highly regarded is that of its warmth. Even though it is so very lightweight, it is much warmer than sheep’s wool. Microscopically, each fibre has a structure of air pockets that act like insulation, keeping in the body heat.
As a result: Pâmoison Throws are not only gorgeous, they are useful members of the home!

Alpaca fibre is also known to be an excellent alternative for people with allergies to many other wools. Due to the fact that it does not contain lanolin (found on sheep wool), Alpaca fibre is hypoallergenic. Each fibre also has a smoother exterior cuticle, giving it a soft and silky feel that doesn’t irritate the skin.

Lastly but most importantly to us at Pâmoison, is the ecological factor. The process is organic and renewable. Also, since the fibre is non-greasy and lanolin free, fewer washing steps are required for its transformation than with other wool shearlings.

In order to ensure the provenance and quality of the finest Canadian alpaca fibre, cultivated using healthy and humane methods, a higher cost for this product is to be expected. For us here at Pâmoison, the choice is clear. This way we will continue to offer you textiles made with this fibre, so luxurious, naturally.

Source: Alpaca Canada

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I ❤️ Alpacas!

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