Adding Colour to Our Lives in 2022

Adding Colour to Our Lives in 2022

Feb 22, '22


It might be a consequence of so many lockdowns and restrictions, but this year the design world has decided that colour is the order of the day. From the Pantone Colour of the Year (Very Peri®), to the mosaics of bright hues in textiles and accessories, 2022 will most definitely not be subdued!

Have you noticed? That 70’s look is making a return! Whether it be the boho look in fashion and decor or simply a predominance of citrus-inspired colours like orange, yellow and green on Social Media, we are absolutely getting a Brady Bunch vibe (revealing my age here…). So without turning our homes into a TV Sitcom filming set, we can add a few touches to bring a little more colour into our lives.

  • Cushions and throws are an obvious choice for adding far-out hues to any room. 
  • Accessories made of ceramics or wood can be delightful; especially if they are curvy and colourful.
  • Colourful artwork is a wonderful investment. If you love it, you will find that special place for it.
  • Vintage finds are naturally retro! They complement many modern pieces because they contrast with one another.

Some decor items require a bit more commitment, but when chosen carefully and with passion, they can live in your home forever:

  • Furniture made of darker wood is on the rise. After so many years of blond and lighter wood, this is actually a refreshing change. The good news? They play well together! It’s actually a good idea to mix and match in order to avoid a heavy and dated look. For example, the flooring can be a lighter wood, while a table or a sideboard can be a medium or dark shade. 
  • Tiles in the bathroom or hallways can be statement-making when done with colourful patterns or monochrome graphics. The rest of the decor can be minimal or you can pile pattern upon pattern for a beautiful eclectic vibe. 
  • Paint! This is a surefire way to add colour to your home. Again, the rest of the decor can be muted or lively, according to your preference. A vivid colour on one wall is a popular choice, and textiles that pick up on that hue can be added at will.
  • Kitchen accessories in retro colours are making a big comeback. As well, colourful textiles, like our Handwoven Linen Kitchen Towels in lively designs like CANADIAN TUXEDO for blues, and AUTUMN for green and yellow, add a pop of fun while cooking. We offer Linen Reversible Cross-Back Aprons in LOGO (red-orange and charcoal) and GRILLED CHEESE (golden yellow and ivory) as well. These handmade textiles can be displayed when not in use; they are just too beautiful to be put away!


So this year, invite a bit of colour into your home, and let’s put these past few years behind us as we hustle our way through 2022! 

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