Sugaring Time!

Mar 26, '21

Here in Canada, the springtime melting of the snow heralds in Sugaring Time.  Cold nights coupled with warmer daytime temperatures set off one of the most amazing practises in the country...

Pâmoison: Artisan Textile Products Made Sustainable

Feb 28, '21

When something is handmade, you know that the quality of the product is good. Products made by hand are of the highest quality because the maker understands the value of each piece. Pâmoison is a Canada-based brand that creates handmade, high-quality textile products. They offer scarves, kitchen towels, throws, aprons that get softer and softer and more lustrous through time. Meet Denise, The founder of Pâmoison, as she talks about the inspiration behind the brand and how they make sure that their products are high-quality and sustainable:

Focusing on simple happiness in 2021

Jan 1, '21

This past year has forced us to consider what is really meaningful in our lives; the essential values that enrich each person’s life have been made a little clearer. It’s time to focus on simple happiness! No big fanfare, let’s just quietly go about making our lives and our environment better. With the tiniest gestures, we can reap the biggest rewards. 

Staying eco-conscious during the Holidays

Nov 3, '20

The Holidays can be a challenging time for the environmentally conscious; remaining true to eco-friendly values, while delighting friends and family with thoughtful and original gifts. Previously, the Holidays brought non recyclable wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and cellophane; an abundance of lights glowing all night long; too much food, thrown out or relegated to the back of an overstuffed refrigerator, and the list goes on… Maybe it’s time to start new Holiday traditions?  In the spirit of all things ecological, we’ve brought forward a few thoughts on the subject.