Staying eco-conscious during the Holidays

Nov 3, '20

The Holidays can be a challenging time for the environmentally conscious; remaining true to eco-friendly values, while delighting friends and family with thoughtful and original gifts. Previously, the Holidays brought non recyclable wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and cellophane; an abundance of lights glowing all night long; too much food, thrown out or relegated to the back of an overstuffed refrigerator, and the list goes on… Maybe it’s time to start new Holiday traditions?  In the spirit of all things ecological, we’ve brought forward a few thoughts on the subject.

Alpaca Fibre: luxurious, naturally

Aug 21, '201 comment

Alpaca Fibre: Luxurious, naturally A natural fibre that is extremely soft yet highly durable? Check!A natural fibre that is lightweight yet warm and cozy? Check!A natural fibre that is ecological and renewable yet unique and unusual? Check!A natural fibre that has been used in weaving for centuries yet remains fresh and current? Check!

The new Farmers Markets

Jul 13, '20

Well things certainly have changed lately, haven’t they?  Summer is seen as the time for buying fresh produce, flowers and baked goodies from farmer’s markets, roadside stands, county fairs and festivals.  As the worldwide situation unfolds around us, one entity is unaware of all this upheaval in our lives:  nature’s harvest.  Nature, thankfully, goes about her business and keeps providing us with the healthy and nutritious bounty we crave at this time of year…  

Summer at home; making memories

Jun 3, '20

Summer...  As the days get warmer and grow longer, we instinctively feel a renewed energy to socialize, entertain and exercise. We will once again be able to receive our extended families, neighbours and friends in our homes very soon.  And what better way to renew and reconnect with loved-ones than by sharing a meal, or enjoying an evening of conversation?